by Oct 27, 2017

Shinohara technical support

Fast, technical support, when you are experiencing disturbances to your press, is very important. Machines are expensive and have a high machine-hour rate. Grafitronic provides that the electronic defect is resolved quickly and your Shinohara can make a quick production again.

PC Board repair for inkcontrol and motorcontrol movements.

For problems on the printing we use an exchange system, this means that  your faulty PC-Board is directly replaced by a repaired PC-Board and your PC-Board is repaired and back in stock. This saves a lot in standstill of production time as well as in repair costs.

Technical support, also possible outside regular working time.

Due to the flexibility deployment of our company, we are always on hand to assist and advise you by telephone or come to your as soon as possible to solve a failure. We charge our standard rate without overtime surcharge.

We perform the repairs with great care. A lot of the standard components such as sensors; magnetic switches; power supplies; We have a thermal switches and such standard in the car. This to prevent recurrence of a visit as much as possible.


 Please contact us at anytime for more information