Founded 2010

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After more than twenty years (12 years Ceelen company and 8 years Amstelgraphics). We have started our own company.

With the experience and training in the field of electronics; Industrial Automation; electrical engineering and also mechanics, and working experience with Horizon finishing equipment and Shinohara offset and more, we have just started. Besides a good knowledge and experience in electronics, we are specialists in following machines.

Horizon finishing equipment

Collating AC1200 AC1600 AC8000 MC-8 MC-80 VAC-100
Binding BQ-11o BQ-220 BQ-330 BQ-340 BQ-440 BQ-460 BQ-470
Folding machines: EF-35 EF354 AFC-504 AFC-544 AFC-546 AFC-566 AFC-744
Cutting machines APC-M61 APC-T61 APC-61II
Stitch/fold/trim SPF-10 SPF-10II SPF-11 SPF-20 SPF-20A SPF-200 stitchliner

Shoei foldingmachines:

Little mach, mach eight, SPT-52 SPK -66

Shinohara offsetpress:

S52II S52IV S52V S74 S75II S75IV S75V

Hamada, Polly en Adast Dominant offsetpress

Hamada RS-34 VS-34 H234 H234A

Polly 266 polly 466

Adast Dominant 516 515 526 525 715 725 etc

TITLE: New Company
Category: About us
By: Grafitronic
Published: Apr 10, 2010
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