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PC-Board repair – Innovation – Maintenance

After more than twenty years (12 years machinehandel Ceelen and 8 years Amstelgraphics). We started our own company. With the experience and training in the field of electronics; Industrial Automation; electrical engineering and also mechanics, and working experience with Horizon finishing equipment and Shinohara offset and more, we havejust started. Besides a good knowledge and experience in electronics, we are specialists in following machines.

Horizon finishing equipment

  • Collating AC1200 AC1600 AC8000 MC-8 MC-80 VAC-100
  • Binding BQ-11o BQ-220 BQ-330 BQ-340 BQ-440 BQ-460 BQ-470
  • Folding machines: EF-35 EF354 AFC-504 AFC-544 AFC-546 AFC-566 AFC-744
  • Cutting machines APC-M61 APC-T61 APC-61II
  • Stitch/fold/trim SPF-10 SPF-10II SPF-11 SPF-20 SPF-20A SPF-200 stitchliner

Shoei foldingmachines:

  • Little mach, mach eight, SPT-52 SPK -66

Shinohara offsetpress:

  • S52II S52IV S52V S74 S75II S75IV S75V

Hamada en Adast Dominant offsetpress

  • RS-34 VS-34 H234 H234A

Polly 266 polly 466 Adast Dominant 516 515 526 525 715 725 etc



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BQ-270 from 2017 complete refurbished with new parts

Shinohara operation panel
Shinohara operation panel

Shinohara operation console, the glass plate with the digitizer often breaks or malfunctions. We replace regular this part. we have also stock.

Electronic repairs
Electronic repairs

we repair PC-Boards; PLC’s and so on repaired on component level. The Electronic repair are done with the utmost care

Reducing CO2 and cost by converting copy frame system from mercury vapour lamps to LED.

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