Electronic design

Electronic design

Looking for a new design.

Are you looking for a new design for electronics applications? Or do you have a number of installations in the field of which a print is no longer available? Then we can deliver a new design for you. So that you can keep your installations in the air.

We design, test and produce PC Boards for more and more users. Whether it concerns a total solution or a partial solution. After discussion with the client, work from idea to end product.

For example, we were able to make an electronics design for a customer whose PCBs were no longer available. This would lead to a very expensive conversion. Especially since this print has been used in many installations throughout the Netherlands. Certainly also because the original print manufacturer had been bankrupt for a long time.

After having checked the old print completely and set it up in altium to a new design. With only the latest components such as SMD techniques. We


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TITLE: Electronic design
By: Grafitronic
Published: Dec 19, 2018
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