Electronic design

by Dec 9, 2018

Electronic design

Electronic design are you looking for a new design for an electronics application? Or do you have a number of installations in the field of which a PC-Board is no longer available? Then we can deliver a new design for you to replace your old PC-Board. So that you can keep your installations up and running. See below an example of a new PC-Board to replace the old PC-Board.

We also design, test and produce new PC Boards for more and more users. Whether it is a total solution or a partial solution. After discussion with the client, work from idea to a final product.

For example, we have developed a new PC-Board for an installation agency that over the years has supplied many installations for central heating extraction systems. The original manufacturer of the PC-Board had gone bankrupt, which meant that in the event of a print error, the entire installation had to be replaced. We have made a CAD drawing of the original PC-Board.

We work with Altium designer and standard gerber and BOM files. This is a file type recognized by the PCBA developers.

Grafitronic works together with recognized PCBA developers who have already earned their spurs in the market.

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