Repair on location

Repair on location of electronics

Through our flexible deployment it is possible to preform electronics repairs at customers place. It is sometimes possible to postpone the repair to a moment when the machine is at a standstill. This has the great advantage that the production for the customer is guaranteed. So this ables us to investigate first and see come back with components to perform repairs

For printing company Teewes Almere we have installed an electronic modification for the inktfeed control system of Shinohara 75IV. This we have done in the weekends. Great advantage was that the customer had no standstill. Of course, the repairs are carried out with the outmost care and according to the guidelines of RoHS and ESD protocols.

Customer: Teewes Almere

TITLE: Repair on location
By: Grafitronic
Published: Mar 28, 2012
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