Submit a repair

Submit a repair.

We do many kinds of repairs in our workshop. It is best to indicate in advance via whatsapp or mail what you want to offer for repair. It is important that if you send us your defective electronics, to do so clearly with your name and address details as well as your email and, if applicable, your mobile or landline number. Indicate as best as possible what the malfunction or complaint of the defective electronics is. All other information such as drawings, photos of connections can also benefit the repair. The more information, the faster the repair will go.

For whom and what do we repair?

The repairs we carry out are mainly for companies.

We repair HMIs, among other things; touch screens; engine controls; power supplies, PLCs, etc. The current repair time depends on the supply of work.

The actual repair time is also subject to delivery times of components. We also repair electronics for private persons. For this, you should contact us first, because we do not accept everything.

What do we not repair!

We do not repair consumer electronics or household appliances such as refrigerators; washing machines; mobile phones; laptop; tablets and e-bikes.

Urgent repairs!

It is of course possible to carry out emergency repairs with us. An emergency allowance will then be added. The emergency allowance depends on each repair. 

Submit repairs to us!

Please send all regular repairs well packed and with clear information to our postal address. In the event of an emergency repair, it is only possible to bring or collect a repair from us by appointment.

TITLE: PC Board repair
By: admin
Published: Nov 12, 2016
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