SMT Soldering

SMT Soldering with a microscope

Is it necessary to use a microscope?

To be able to solder safely and properly, especially with smaller components, a microscope is not only handy, but also a requirement. Many components have a fine pitch (distance between the solder pins). Certainly the VQFP ousings Very finepitch Quad Flat Pack cannot actually be soldered without a microscope. But also all other SMD components. Also with the increasingly popular drag soldering of OFP, a microscope is essential.

We do 90% of our soldering work on printing with the microscope.

Inspection with the microscope!

We also often use the microscope for inspection when a PC Board comes to us for repair. Often a visual inspection of a print already gives a reasonable idea what is wrong with the PC-Board. Discolored components; components that are swollen etc.
Inspecting soldering after rework or repair is also important.

Using an HD camera on the microscope

Our microscope is equipped with an HD camera, we have consciously chosen this. This way we can easily take snapshots of certain components for inspection. Or to send photos or videos to a customer for a consultation moment. The camera is also often used for a second person who wants to watch for some reason.

IPC 7711/21

In order to be able to continue to guarantee the IPC7711 / 21, a microscope is a valuable addition to our equipment.


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TITLE: SMT Soldering with microscoop
By: Grafitronic
Published: Jan 30, 2016
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