Grafitronic founded in 2010.

We are an all-round company that controls many aspects of industrial automation. Whether it is for electronics repair, innovation, on-site support or technical support graphic machines.

On site support

Defects in the machine, resulting in stagnant production is an economic loss for a company. Grafitronic searches for a solution and is active in the Shipping-; Food industry; Agriculture industry. Our response time is 24 hours at the customer. read more>


If a PC-board is defective, most vendors replace the entire board. However, repairing a PCB is often cheaper. Sometimes there is also an “end of life” of a PC-Board. Repairing the PC-board is the only way to keep a machine or device operative.


Concerning industrial automation, we can not only solve a lot of problems for various clients. But also developing new applications. We have completed a number of great projects already implemented in production lines. Soon more>


We design, test and produce PC boards for more and more users. Whether it is a complete solution or a partial solution. After meeting with the client. We work from idea to a finished product. Read more>


In our workshop, we have extensive soldering equipment; Preheaters; Hot-air; tweezers; nanosolder etcetera. Also we have a microscope with HD camera. And a large arsenal of power supplies and Broadband scopes. As well as VI-Trace equipment. So we can compare a good and bad PCBoard synchronously.


Machines which we regularly service, we have common components available from stock. Both in our warehouse as in our service bus. This includes various touch screens for Horizon and Shinohara. But also many Inkkeys etc. Stock is both for replacement by u, or for selling to the customer directly worldwide.


Since we have a lot of contact with printing companies, binderies and graphic machine suppliers and traders. We get a lot of tips about buying and selling machines. If you are looking for a machine, please let us know. Or if you want to offer a machine. Machine overview>