Corona COVID-19


Guidelines RIVM:

Naturally, we adopt the guidelines of the RIVM and act accordingly. And will evaluate our measures on a daily basis.

What does that mean for you right now?

Electronic repairs

Electronic repairs for the workshop, please send as much as possible to our postal address.

De Kuilenaar 14
1851RW Heiloo


On-Site Support in Nederland:

We currently offer our service “on-site” support to all customers in the Netherlands. We do assess each On-site support request on a case-by-case basis. On urgency and Risc. This service can also change from day to day.

On-Site Support outside the Netherlands:

Currently, we are not travelling outside the Netherlands


At the moment we do not receive representatives. And all planned visits expire until further notice. Scheduled visits have already been unsubscribed.

You can of course contact us by phone or email.

Couriers and suppliers:

Of course, we will accept the packages from you, unfortunately, the cup of coffee you will get some othertime



Because our DHL parcel service reduces the number of contact moments between DHL points and deliverers, a shipment can take a day longer.


We wish you the best of luck in this unreal time and hope that you, your family members and colleagues will remain healthy.

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Shinohara operation panel

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Electronic repairs

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