Electronics repairs for private persons.

Print repairs also for private persons.

A faulty cd player you often replace immediately with a new one. For expensive or rare equipment can, however, it is very worthwhile to have it repaired. Think of your extremely rare Atari game computer. Also, as a private person, you can call us to repair your electronics. Often these repairs are often even cheaper than you think. In advance, you will receive a clear estimate of the repair cost. So you always know what to expect and can make a good decision.

Who are our private customers?

Customers who do know what part or components is faulty, but are not able to repair it themselves. For instance when it comes to soldering on SMD level. But also customers who possess a rare (costly) electronic device, which is worth repairing. Please feel free to contact us.

Below you will find a number of examples that regularly are repaired in our workshop.

Killer instinct arcade

For collectors of retro arcade game computers, we regularly repair PC boards. Problems range from bad sound to not start up the software.

Sound amp

The sound amplifier by game console failed regularly. Power supply included many noises and poor capacity values.

Guitar amplifier

A customer had problems with volume control. This responded inconsistent and unstable. We have digital volume control replaced. (SMD components)

The Nikon Coolscan 

Nikon coolscan has a lot of problems with the data transfer over firewire. For customer we have replaced the firewire controller chip. This is fine pitch QFP 80 pins component (quad flat package)

TITLE: PC-Board repair private persons
By: Grafitronic
Published: Nov 17, 2016
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