Technical Support industry

Technical support for electronic problems

Technical support upon failure is important. These come always inconvenient and not always between 8: 00-17: 00. Often at authorized suppliers, it is difficult even to get an engineer if you call after 15: 00. Because we are active for more than 25 years in the printing industry, we have enough experience to give you flexible support. Also outside normal working hours.


Horizon finishing machines; Shoei folding machines; Laconda; Müller Martini; Polar cutting machines and so on.

Printing press

Shinohara; Ryobi; Heidelberg: Hamada; Adast Dominant and so on.


Due to the flexibility deployment of our company, we are always on hand to assist and advise you by telephone or come to your as soon as possible to solve a failure. We charge our standard rate without overtime surcharge.

We perform the repairs with great care. A lot of the standard components such as sensors; magnetic switches; power supplies; We have a thermal switches and such standard in the car. This to prevent recurrence of a visit as much as possible.

If, unfortunately, were are able to repair malfunctioning of a PC Board in our electronic workshop.


With preventive maintenance, you can prevent a lot of disturbances. Maintenance is very important for the usability and reliability of your machine. Many failures often arise by overdue maintenance and can often also be prevented. We can carry out maintenance on your machines.

Through our years of experience with many machines, we also know we know the weaker points of your machine. Therefore give some extra attention to it. Call or email for a quote.

TITLE: Technical Support
Category: About us
By: Grafitronic
Published: Jan 15, 2021
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