Horizon Touch panel

Touchscreen for almost all models Horizon in stock.

For nearly all Horizon finishing machines, we have the “touch screens” in stock. Among many other types of touchscreens. The monochrome touch screens such as F51430NFU-FW-AA and SHARP LM64183P  for Horizon VAC-100, VAC-50 Stitchliner, and so on.

Of course, we have most color touch screens as well in stock. For example BQ-470, BQ270, Stitchliner, and so on.

The new touch screens are ordered directly from the touch screen factory.  This allows us to offer touch screens for a competitive price, which is often well below the new price of the machine supplier. Also by changing the touch screen with the same one. You don’t have to install new PC-Boards or software which adds unnecessary cost,

The revised touchscreens are overhauled and tested with the utmost care. Both new and refurbished touchpanels are delivered with a warranty.

Below you will find some of the Touch screens we have on stock:

-Collatingmachine VAC-100; -VAC-60 series.
-F0ldingmachines AFC-544 AFC-546 etc.
-Binding machines BQ-270, BQ-470
-Stitch fold SPF-20A; SPF-200; Stitchliner SL5500- Sl6000.
-Cutting machines APC-61IISB.

Please contact us for more information, below you will see some of the displays we have in stock.

Horizon VAC-100
Stitchliner 5500
Polar cuttingmachines
Polar snijmachines

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