EBM Papst  G1G170 AB31-08

Blowers for Heidelberg offset press

EBM Papst G1G170 are widely used by Heidelberg offset presses. Their machines are equipped with these type of blowers that cool the infrared lamps. Over time, the EBM Papst blower will fail, often due to contamination, causing various electronic components to fail. Grafitronic overhauls and repairs the EBM Papst blowers under warranty

Maintance- and printing company

We already recondition EBM Papst blowers for maintenance companies and print shops. These adjustable fans are widely used in various Heidelberg presses for the cooling of the IR dryers. We can repair your fan. Or deliver from stock. On the revised and tested EBM Papst blowers adjustable fan we give 3 months warranty. Of course we can also place the adjustable fan for you. For more information please feel free and contact us
Category: Several repairs
By: Grafitronic
Published: Oct 10, 2013
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