Horizon APC-T61 and Horizon APC-M61

Horizon APC-T61 and Horizon APC-M61

The cutting machines type Horizon APC-T61 and Horizon APC-M61 were very much sold in the 90s until the mid-2000s. Currently, there are still many of the Horizon APC-M61 and Horizon APC-T61 in circulation. The machines have a very robust character which improves the cutting quality. But because they are a bit old now, there are also some defects that are easy to correct with proper maintenance or replacement of one or more parts. So that you can enjoy your machine for years and not have to replace it.

Common problems that we regularly resolve.

Often have to press the buttons before the machine can cut. Leaking cylinders from the Clamp plate or the Knife. Incorrect cutting size. The computer is behaving strangely. The computer doesn’t start. Creaking noises with saddle run. Pc-Board repair on customers’ locations. As you can see, all problems do occur from time to time. But because we are very experienced, we can often locate the problems quickly and resolve them adequately on-site.

Sale and purchase of Horizon APC-M61 and Horizon APC-T61

We also get these machines regularly and can deliver these machines for a good price. Feel free to look at the list of machines that we have for sale. If the desired machine is not listed, you can always contact us. Of course also for other questions, you can always contact us  
TITLE: Horizon APC-T61
By: Grafitronic
Published: Dec 1, 2019
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