Sakurai inkkey motoren

For the various models of Sakurai offset presses. We overhaul the Sakurai inkkey motors. We have been doing this for a long time and for renowned Sakurai suppliers and Sakurai end users. By replacing the motor and overhauling the mechanics, the inkkey will last for years. And we can also give a guarantee. You save costs by more than 50% percent.

We deliver to Sakurai customers all over Europe. We also provide a guarantee on the delivered items and services.

We also refurbish for Ryobi en Shinohara


If you need more information please contact at anytime for more information.

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by | Dec 3, 2017



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BQ-270 from 2017 complete refurbished with new parts

Shinohara operation panel
Shinohara operation panel

Shinohara operation console, the glass plate with the digitizer often breaks or malfunctions. We replace regular this part. we have also stock.

Electronic repairs
Electronic repairs

we repair PC-Boards; PLC’s and so on repaired on component level. The Electronic repair are done with the utmost care

Reducing CO2 and cost by converting copy frame system from mercury vapour lamps to LED.

2 days in Germany programming Codesys for a new option envelop feedsystem for Dutch customer. Soon more. #codesys #grafitronic

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