Soldering IPC 7711/21

by Aug 26, 2016

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Soldering according to IPC 7711/21

Soldering according to IPC 7711/21

SMD soldering of small resistors up to complex finepitch microprocessoren.

In a growing market of SMD technology, reworking in a responsible and safe way needs a new approach. Therefore we recently followed at Etech training a 2-day training. With this training, we have further deepened and knowledge in smdsoldering. Also the transition from leaded solder to lead-free solder, has a slightly different approach in rework techniques. These are also fine again repeated. All smd soldering and workouts are performed of course in compliance with IPC 7711/21 and IPC-A-610 guidelines.

We have chosen for E-tech training, because they have a significant added value to our technicians.