Technical support Shinohara

Fast, technical support for your press is very important. Machines are expensive and have a high machine hourly rate. Grafitronic ensures that the electronic defect is quickly resolved and your Shinohara can run again.

PC board repair for inkey en adjustment motors for Shinohara.

For problems with the prints, we use an exchange system, which means that we immediately replace your defective print with a repaired PC-Board. the customers old PC Board will be repaired and put back in stock. This saves a lot of downtime in production time as well as in repair costs.

Technical support, also outside office hours.

With a malfunction report after 15:00, it is often impossible for many suppliers to have a technician come the same day. We find it unacceptable that expensive machines are idle for an unnecessarily long time. Our flexible support therefore provides support outside regular working hours. Even if you are not yet a customer of ours.

Maintanence reduces downtime

Your equipment must remain operational for as long as possible. Periodic maintenance is a requirement for this. During maintenance, we can usually carry out preventive repairs immediately. Our repair service takes all common parts, such as sensors, contactors, power supplies, and thermal limit switches. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what the faulty parts of your machine are and we give them extra attention.

This way we minimize the dropout and the number of visiting times. In the unlikely event that defects come to light that cannot be resolved on-site, we will repair them in our workshop. We carry out all repairs with advanced equipment and according to the ESD and RoHS guidelines.


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